Monday, November 14, 2011

Dynamics - GP - Error deleting batch - PM_Transaction_Open has created a duplicate key

1. Ensure no one is connected to GP
2. In Company Database select * from ..activity - no one should be connected.
3. Select * From tempdb ..DEX_SESSION - you should see record with transaction that cannot be deleted
4. Delete From tempdb ..DEX_SESSION
5. select * from ..SY00500 - you will see all uncompleted transactions, find bachnumb of the one that cannot be deleted.
6. View it (for testing purposes)
select MKDTOPST, BCHSTTUS from ..SY00500 where BACHNUMB = 'DH-110711-6'
7. Now you can delete it
update SY00500 set MKDTOPST = 0, BCHSTTUS = 0  where BACHNUMB = 'DH-110711-6'

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